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Community representation on the board is imperative. If I am voted by the people of our community to be on the Board of Trustees, I will be their voice and represent them on the board. I will be sure to voice their concerns and speak on their behalf. My entire family represents FBISD and have been involved in our community for decades. I am a graduate of FBISD, my wife works for the FBISD Extended Day Program, and our 3 children of whom 2 of my sons have graduated from FBISD and my daughter is currently a senior at Elkins High School. Just 2 years ago in 2018 the community approved a $992.6 million bond to maintain the current infrastructure, improve the quality of education, and prepare for the future growth of our community. We as leaders and members of the board owe it to you to make sure your voice matters.   


I served on a FBISD committee 2 years ago and had the opportunity to interact with the community at various events on a personal basis. The biggest issue voiced in these community sessions from parents was board transparency. They feel that all the decisions made by the board often happens behind closed doors. Though the board members are volunteers from the community and ran on items that matter the most by the people they represent, their message often gets lost. If I am elected by the people of our community to sit on the board, I will do my best to earn the respect of the other board members and work together as a team. I will propose we make all board meetings as a live feed so the parents will have first-hand information on all proposals and decisions made by the board. 



Fort Bend County has always taken pride in the quality of education for the students. We are educating our children to be the future leaders of America. FBISD has been fortunate to have top notch teachers. Are we doing enough to continue to attract quality educators, and more importantly, what are we doing to retain them? I have been told by my children, 2 of whom graduated from FBISD and one a senior at Elkins High School that we are losing good teachers to neighboring school districts. I have heard the same from my wife who works for FBISD extended day program. She talks to parents of her program on a regular basis and they share their concerns regularly. It is important to have a good pulse of our community as they demand focused education. The board of trustees who have been appointed by our community as leaders of our education system has to do more for our GT programs and our special education programs. The community has also spoken and they are requesting Universal Pre-K. Academic excellence matters at all levels. 



  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten for ALL Young Children

  • Increased Mental Health Funding

  • Enforcing Fair School Re-Zoning Procedures

  • Reducing Overcrowding of Schools

  • Student Safety on Campus

  • Encourage More Anti-Bullying Efforts and Programs

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