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       Reggie has been a resident of the Fort Bend community since 1986. He attended FBISD and was a graduate of Willowridge High School in Missouri City. He continued his education achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, a Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Healthcare Administration, and a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership. He has worked in Executive Leadership roles in Healthcare for the past 20 plus years at various healthcare institutions in Houston and surrounding areas. He has successfully led several multimillion-dollar healthcare organizations in Houston. Since 2018 he has taken an entrepreneurial role as a Managing Partner at True Care Surgical and an independent Healthcare Consultant. 


       Reggie is married to Evelyn, who has been an employee of FBISD for over 10 years. Reggie and Evelyn have 3 children, Mathew, Andrew, and Hannah all of whom have attended FBISD and have worked in the school district while continuing their education. They also have a dog, Emily, who has been a part of the family for 10 plus years. Mathew recently graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is preparing to further his education in medicine. Andrew is completing his 3rd year of college at Texas State University in San Marcos with aspirations to become an attorney. Hannah is currently a senior at Elkins High School while she prepares to attend UT Health Houston to pursue her education as a Nurse Practitioner. 

       Reggie genuinely cares for Fort Bend County, the residents, their families, and especially all students. He is excited to run for the Board of Trustees for FBISD position 5, as he looks to represent the families in Fort Bend and to be their voice on the Board. He is able and willing to give back to the community that he has been a part of for four decades. He has volunteered to sit on a FBISD committee, and currently serves on the Missouri City Board. His educational background and work experience allow him to bring a well needed leadership to the Board. Since his whole family is involved with FBISD in some way, he has a unique perspective of the challenges FBISD is facing. He is convinced that he has first-hand knowledge of the good things, and more importantly, things that need immediate attention. Reggie is prepared to make a difference for the students of FBISD and be a voice for the community that is desperate to have their voices heard. 

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